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how do you get the light on

Had a few issues with sensitivity playing full screen but as soon as I came out of that the game played well. Its a very interesting and different take on escape games which is neat. You can almost work out where its going by putting together the title and the clues. Just not everyone's cup of tea....I did complete the game, I just didn't show it for that sake. Good little game :) Game play starts at 4:13 if interested 

Really neat little game. I was able to be soft-locked by throwing the key through the wall in the second room, though, and the hitboxes were a bit finicky. But all in all, a decent experience with some dark themes. I agree with the other comment though, a trigger warning is the responsible thing to do. I don't think it would necessarily spoil the ending just by saying "themes of suicide" as that could mean lots of things. 


This is well made and interesting, but if I could give some input, please include a trigger warning for that ending, something like "Suicidal Themes."


Thanks, I don't know how to do that without spoiling the ending though? I see the importance of that but i wonder if theres a way to have a warning without sacrificing the story. The game is at least tagged as dark and horror


I know it could spoil the ending, but it's very important to do I have very severe panic attacks when it comes to suicide so a warning in the description would help!


I dont agree.


Thanks! :)

this is really cool, creepy ending though. i love the concept.

Thanks :)


this was a cool concept, i love escape rooms and this was clever, especially the torn note with says "only one way" which was a cool way to foreshadow the next room, but it was cool, and i enjoyed this.


thanks, I'm glad you took the time to check the note :)


thanks :)